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Why it Matters


Bringing neighbors together block by block to make recycling more efficient and to help solve an important environmental issue.


Diverting food waste from our landfills, reducing pests and keeping your block cleaner while creating healthy soil for your community.


Eliminating the barriers to urban composting by ensuring convenience and affordability for everyone on every block.

How it Works

Step 1

Request a new Block Bin
or join an existing bin

Step 1

Block Bins' community-powered composting system encourages neighbors to join shared bins, which reduces their impact on the environment and keep their neighborhoods cleaner.

Step 2

Neighbors join your request or Block Bin.

Step 2

Filling up unused space saves time, money, and energy. Our map makes it easy for neighbors to join your Block Bin, but you can also share a direct link to a Block Bin with others.

Step 3

Approve, Subscribe, and Deliver

Step 3

A local collector approves your request when there is enough participation in your community. We notify you and your participants that you can subscribe, and then we deliver a bin.

Step 4

Block Bins empties and cleans your bin.

Step 4

Our team visits your bin regularly to collect waste and power wash the Block Bin. Pickup frequency depends on total subscription volume and seasonal temperatures.

What it Costs

Pricing can vary based on your location. This tool provides an estimate. Once we approve your request, you can review actual pricing before officially subscribing.

per month


estimated per month